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Renovation of Internal staircase Travertino finish

this is a project we where commissioned by Paula Allsuch Precious Angel Designs to create a Fabulous bespoke Travertino polished plaster finish as the finishing for her innovative design to renovate her client internal staircase. The client was mutual to both of us as Tammara 0ur Lead Artisan had already created for the client a fabulous Bespoke Travertine wall finish for her entrance hall two years earlier. The Tavertine finish is marvelously hard wearing, comes in a full range of colours as do all our products and perfect for such  a high traffic area as it become stone once applied by our Artisans hands. The Staircase once meticulously infilled and plastered before our team applied our Travertine finish.  A staircase is more often than not the first thing you see when you come in and the last thing you see when you leave.
We are all about creating that magical first impression !

 Infinity Property Solutions - commercial client

this project was a new commercial space that our client Infinity Property solutions wanted a totally bespoke finish for a large feature wall , A Polished plaster Fireplace and Feature wall behind reception desk. They Visited the Fabulous Finishes Studio with a CAD made that an Interior designer had produce but the where look for the Right People to Create it. Our lead Designer work with both partners to create a signature look that would be eye catching, unique and Artist that worked with the colour clients has select for flooring, furniture etc. Our Designer created several samples using all the elements that they requested but added the copper Gild that gave the Signature wall the wow factor ! The clients where intrigued and delight with the Bespoke design that Tammara had created. Our Team at Fabulous Finishes uk set about working in 4 different areas all working together to bring The Design to life.

Private residence Bespoke master bedroom and en-suite

We where approached by A lovely Couple from north London that wanted to create a luxurious space for themselves in there multi story family home. They had all ready renovated the space and just need the help of our Designs to bring their luxury to life ! Gold and black is what they had their heart set on with furniture, fabrics, tiles etc ordered. Our Designer and lead Artisan Tammara Mattingly worked to develop their Dreams in to Reality using a beautiful bespoke polished Black Marmorino plastered feature wall and a Light Gold with amazing sparkles for of Luxury Italian metallic range. The Luxury Gold went through the Master bedroom and thought to the En-suite which brought the Glam and Glitz our client Desired.

Venetian Polished Plaster staircase
we where called by a new client  Avkash Halai AB Construction Ltd to inquire about the use of our Fabulous Venetian finish as a final touch to the elegant Staircase that he was installing as part of His clients renovation in Moor Park Hertfordshire . We consulted with the Kassam’s on the full range we can create of which they choose the very fine Venetian polished plaster. Samples where produced in colours for their selection. The Fabulous Finishes UK team got straight to work , to bring the cool, smooth and soft sheen Venetian finish to life. the clients where very happy with our work and that beautiful finish to their stairs which where a focal point of their Renovation. they loved our work so much that we followed through to creating a Fabulous Italian metallic finish for their games room.