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Bespoke Artisan Plaster & Faux Finishes  for Interiors and Furniture

Faux Marble Finishes

Faux marbling is great when used in interior decoration to create walls and furniture which look like real marble.  Hand painted and using
glazing techniques to create exotic marble that can turn a fireplace, feature wall, floor or ceiling into an opulent addition to any property.

Painting techniques are used by or Artisan to assist in the renovation of marble Fireplace, they are used to disguise rust stain, repair cracks and lost panels. The fabulous finishes can help you save a beloved piece of history if you so wish.


 Faux marbling is perfect for commercial premises such as bars, cafe, restaurants, shops and offices. It creates a signature & uniqueness to stand out from the crowd ! Custom & Bespoke Wall finishes brings creative beauty to your Residential & Commercial spaces.

we can create bespoke colours of Faux Painted Onyx stone  and Malachite to be harmony with the tones of colours within you Interiors Design. 

Constructing real marble walls can be problematic in standard domestic home due to the limitation of internal architecture. A faux marble painted finish can closely resemble the real thing, there by bringing the opulence of marble without the hassle.
Bring a luxury Marble finish to over painted plaster  columns using the colours you desire that will add substance and quality to your Property development or Interior Design Project.

Do not hesitate to call our Specialist Decorating team of Artisans about our unique, opulent & Chic wall finishes