Fabulous Finishes uk

Bespoke Artisan Plaster & Faux Finishes  for Interiors and Furniture

 Faux Finishes are a Beautiful Art

Faux finishes are now often chosen when the natural product would be too expensive, heavy or difficult to use. The aim of any faux finish is to trick the viewer into believing that what they are looking at is real and not painted. Faux Finishes therefore need to be extremely realistic or the illusion is lost.
Faux Finishes are created by highly skilled Artisans using quality materials, working with interior designers and clients to create unique and  bespoke interior features and working with colour accents. Our Fabulous Faux finishes bring a hand crafted artist hand to your residential or commercial space. we love breathing new life into older architectural features, Do you have a fire place mantle or surround that you would love to have a new look for that works both with you Decor ? 

Give us a call to discuss what possibilities we could have for you and your project. From Faux Marble finishes Fireplaces to Door throughout a development Faux wood grained
there is always a Faux finish to create the illusion.

Faux Finishes come is all shapes and forms with the beautiful Gilded Faux metal finish that has to be one of the most recognizable decorative forms through out Europe, the far east and across the med, reaching its shimmering glamor,wealth, luster, status of Gold and Silver lined walls with it's amazing light moving qualities. we can create Fabulous Distress Gilded finishes for Furniture , Wood work, Doors and Walls that then work with in the whole colour scheme of you home Decoration Call to discuss with our Designer and lead Artisan Tammara Mattingly ways you might use the light enhancing abilities and luster of metal to your design project