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Bespoke Artisan Plaster & Faux Finishes  for Interiors and Furniture

Decorative Polished Plaster


Fabulous Finishes most popular finishes is Polished Plasters are created using high quality lime and the finest marble flour . Italian decor stucco is perfect for those who are looking for a prestige classic finish. It is natural stucco based on lime putty, oxides and earth, inspired by the Venetian tradition. The product is extremely versatile and provides a smooth, matt finish, textured or gloss if finished using a trowel. Its natural composition ensures the maximum permeability to water vapor, enabling any humidity to diffuse through the plaster and the wall, preventing the formulation of molds and algae, giving the surface a classic finish with high aesthetic value.

The Fabulous Finish Artisans take the use of our Polished plaster to a different level with creativity at the forefront of every project. we love to work with Interior Designers to bring unique and signature looks for their Interiors projects.

We also work with Clients that are developing their own home renovations projects and would like guidance with in  design and skilled specialist decorators to assist them in creating a Fabulous Home.

The most well known "Polished Plaster" that gives a smooth high gloss finish when polished. It is very smooth to touch giving a cooling, clean, elegant feeling to any room. The surface of the Venetian Polished Plaster finish is glossy; shining with a lot of depth with marble like veins and character as the movement the surface reflects the light very well and we have a wide range of colours too choose from our Portfolio. We have s specialism in creating Bespoke Venetian Staircase finishing that give the most Fabulous contemporary cool sleek gloss sheen marble finish.


Marmorino comes in many colour is a vapor permeable matt or textured sheen of decorative coloured lime putty coating. Various finishes can be achieved: Classic, pitted, dragged, smooth, colour washed, banded.  Marmorino in order to attain a gloss, marble-like effect. It is based on mature lime putty; it allows the surface to be polished quickly. The vapour permeability of the wall remains unaltered and it creates a stable link with Marmorino Natural, thus retaining a high permeability to water vapour. Its high alkalinity prevents the development of molds and bacteria. It is water repellent, resistant to cleaning and rubbing. The thickness of Marmorino both decorates and hides small imperfections on the wall,  Its alkalinity avoids the development of molds and bacterial colonies.

Travertino Romano

Travertino Romano is a thick wall coating that takes on the appearance of cut stone, substituting the often costly and complex application procedures of real stone. Creating a natural stone effect with an open and close pore finish, seamless durable wall surface. The characteristics of the product ensure that it bonds well with every type of wall surface both interior and exterior, recreating the effect of Travertine stone. The Travertino finish looks fantastic when it is apply to new contemporary fireplaces that have being constructed. We apply the travertino then manipulate the texture of our product which when fully harden turns to real stone. the travertino can be cut in to block that look Fabulous on a Chimney breast or entrance halls.


Is a Decorative Plaster wall coating that produces beautiful Silk textured effect available in a range of colours. It is comprised of organic and inorganic resins and special metallic pigments that give the product the iridescence that characterizes Silk Its formula is free of toxic solvents and it has an extensive range of chromatic shades. Its vapour permeability and variety of finishes make Ottocento the ideal product for highly prestigious settings. Beautiful decorative marble & lime putty wall coating, soft to touch with the Combined with special metallic pigments, the iridescence effect has the extraordinary capability of acquiring the reflections and velvet light of precious fabrics. Extensive range of chromatic shades ideal for highly prestigious settings as well as traditional and contemporary spaces.

Distress Plasters
the newest trend in wall finishes is the distressed plaster wall feature wall finish that brings a unique look to residential or commercial premises. our lead Artisan Tammara Mattingly we develop a distressed Plaster Feature wall in the colours that work with you Decor. Interior designers across London have search out our beautiful and bespoke plaster finishes that is  by other applicators of plasters. We are a cut above the rest and  unrivaled for our creativity

 Luxury Italian Metallic Finish

This Decorative metallic finish is both subtle but glamorous silken effect that create a feeling of bright natural environment. it gives shimmering surface when applied to walls that reflects of light with a fine metallic physical appearance with changing facets giving the decorated spaces a unique look. Due to the wealth of colours with in our range, the possible results are truly endless.

creating according to the sources of light and the angle at which the surface is looked at, lavish patterns reflections, lights up the wall, giving the setting an unmistakable elegance with a silky sensation to the touch. The product is breathable and has a low environmental impact.

Exposed Brick work 

Fabulous Finishes team are always bang of trend when it comes to decorative concepts and ideas. One of our latest finishes in a Fabulous Bespoke feature brick walls. our artisan as have used Marmorino Italian stucco's to create and unique brick feature walls for in a clients looking for exposed Brick work trend. would you like  a bit of New York loft new Bar or Residential property ?

Would you like to choose the colours of your exposed brick work to the will work wonderfully with your Interior Design project ? no crumbling mortar or dusty cracks in your brickwork just beauty, colours and texture with out the mess !

Old london stock brick, White Distressed Brick work, urban feature decoration is all over the design magazine and popping up all over town.