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Decorative Gilding


The beauty of the gilded finish can be used in so many ways, it doesn't have to be seen as a finish used only in historical homes It can be used to highlight architectural details and bring a lovely luster while bouncing light beautifully

if you have a piece of furniture that you would like to have the gilded touch don't hesitate to contact fabulous finishes as we will wave or
golden wands and bring to you favorite furniture the Golden touch....or Silver , Copper, Pewter the range of different gilded metals is fantastic

for the contemporary homes the silver gild is ready to bring that cool sophistication  

  •  This is a Mixture of both Gold and Copper Leaf Finishes that can be For Interiors and Furniture
  • Aluminum Leaf ( does not tarnish like Silver Leaf) and a Black Glaze Stipple and Frottage 
  • Copper Leaf with Verdigris Finish
  • Gilded Moldings In Gold, Aluminum and Copper


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