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Fabulous bespoke decorative walls finishes for interiors. Italian polished plasters, shimmering pearlata plasters and fantastic faux marbling, wood graing and stone.

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Bespoke distressed bedroom feature wall using American tin tiles

Posted by tammara mattingly on January 28, 2016 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (18)

I create this beautiful hand painted distress American tin tiled feature wall for a period home. my client was looking for a finish that would suit her period home for her daughters bedroom. we use her desired colours black and soft white. i then distressed each american time to create a beautiful feature wall like know other.these american tile tile can be used both on cielings or wall.

Bespoke Urban Feature wall Shutterbug 1 Rivington Place, London EC2A 3BA

Posted by tammara mattingly on May 14, 2015 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (0)


The Shutter bug started as a cafe place under the Famous Photographers Gallery at ! Rivington place London EC2A   and we where called in by the owners that wanted to bring ideas to life. They first contacted looking for Specialist decorative concrete wall finishes as they had a pre-existing concrete bar, the cafe already had black out curtains and low light as the previous concept was that of Darkroom with camera theme. The owners had started to develop an evening and weekend clients base they wanted to step up the Design.. Tammara our lead artisan create the bespoke feature wall finish using her talented hands. The client had requested box alcove that could be lit and with the fabulousfinishes range of beautiful finishes we introduced the beautiful bronze withsight age Roxidized finish. Theses image do not do it justice but i am workingon getting better images but it sets the tone and the client loved the results.


Bespoke Feature wall create by Tammara Mattingly lead Artisan of Fabuous finishes uk

Brief: Urban, Concrete,Distressed, Age, Texture, Soft grime


The client had requested box alcove that could be lit and with the fabulous finishes uk range of beautiful finishes we introduced the Metallic bronze Italian Finish with Roxidized tone.. Theses image do not do it justice but we are working on getting better images. Our client loved the results. Tammara Mattingly design created jewels of opulent shimmer Colour to bringing the Box Niches to life with the right balance of Glamour and Grime wanted for this Bar Cafe.




The Shutter Bug cafe already had nice tin enamel pendant lights which our Fabulous Finishes team brought to life with more of our beautiful Light & Metallic fabulous finishes creating a warm light spreading across the whole bar area.


Bespoke feature wall finishes create an ambience; atmosphere, light & metallic walls finishes give the decadent edge.

for more of our Design Concepts with our wonderful wall and furniture finishes

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Decorative Brick Featutre walls

Posted by tammara mattingly on November 30, 2014 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)


Fabulous Finishes team are always bang of trend when i cometo decorative concepts and ideas. One of our latest finishes in a Fabulous Bespoke feature brick walls. our artisan as have used Marmarino Italian stuccosto create and unique brick feature wall in a clients Man cave. he wanted to bring a bit of New York loft to his brand new town house in mill hill north London. The client first enquired about faux wood finishing for his doors however when he saw how Fabulous our finishes where he wanted more! Brick distressed, old stock brick,urban feature decoration is all over the design magazine and popping up all over town.



our bespoke Brickwork feature walls can be created in all different tones and textures

the fabulous finishes team would love to create a bespoke brick wall finishes for you

contact Fabulous Finishes uk  today !

beautiful old yellow stock brick was the inspiration for are next bespoke feature wall for our client Daniel Estate agency

Faux Marble Fire place renovation

Posted by tammara mattingly on November 27, 2014 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (0)


Our lead Artisan and Designer Tammara Mattingly was asked to assist the thornhill galleries in New Malden Kent in the renovation of severalof their amazing Fabulous Fire places.


It was amazing to be in such a fabulous space filled with a unique range of antique fireplaces. Thornhill galleries are a business that is 5 generations of family old. They called Fabulous Finishes Artisans to use their skills in the renovation of their bespoke Fire places for interior designers, highend property developments and of course quality private clients


using hand mixed marble glazes Tammara our lead Artisan got to work with her fabulous skills

When some fireplaces where built in bygone years they sometimes use iron pins to create them, which sadly over time has bled through marble and caused discolour, many people do no think of marble being a pourous surface but without being sealed they can be like a sponge over time to certain materials. Tammara used her talented a hands to repair the discolouration using faux marbling techniques once she had sealed rust stain.


as you can see fore the before and after pictures of the colour correction of rust stained marble , tammara marbling has blended perfectly for her years of experience  working as a specialist decorator and artisan



the pure , colour full beauty of Marble never seaces to amaze 

Do you have a Fireplace Surround that would you would lovehave a second lease of life? Let fabulous finishes create a bespoke faux marble finishes for your Interior design Project call for a consultation



Textured Polished Plaster kitchen Feature walls

Posted by tammara mattingly on October 18, 2014 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (0)


One of our latest design was developed for Interior designer Mariasole Cobianchi based in N. London on a two wall in her clients kitchenwhich is immaculate and pure white very Italian chic. Her Client is an ArtDealer with very particular taste with a thirst for creative language in hishome decor. Mariasole is familiar with Italian Stuccos, Venetian , marmarinopolished plasters and ask for Fabulous finishes what we could create for herclient that would be a signature piece, a Feature wall with organic qualitiesbut with the ability to be seated in such a contemporary Interior Designedkitchen and home. As lead Designer and artisan Tammara developed and detailedtextured plaster design that revealed its self through many layers withmetallic waxes worked into the marmarino plasters she creates an artisticfinish for wall decoration that is unique, beautiful ...Bespoke


"Your work was of prime quality. As an interior designer I will definitely try to include your skilled abilities in my future projects. Its unusual, bespoke and of great effect. Thank you again."

Mariasole Cobianchi

if you or you client would like to have our Artisan at Fabulous Finishes create a bespoke Feature Wall do not hesitate to call us

Artisans Bespoke Decorative Feature Finishes

Posted by tammara mattingly on October 8, 2014 at 4:30 AM Comments comments (0)

he Artisan Bespoke finish is created when working with a client to create a finish, which istotally unique, which is where Fabulous Finishes uk shine.  Tammara as Lead Artisan unique creative flair and professionalism when working with both,commercial and residential property developments leave our clients feel relaxed, confident and excited about the possibilities of creating signature features for their High end property developments and Interior Design projects.Artisan Finishes bring individuality & edge for your interior Décor.

Tammara will work with interiors designers/ Architects/ clients using her creative skills and talented hands to invoke the inspirations clients have for their properties.The walls that you live work or play in should bea reflection of your pasions and life style.

tammara created this bespoke plaster feature wall finish for an Interior designer based in muswell hill london who she has worked with be for. The designer wanted a distress and aged wall and to incorprorate the colour that where to be used with in her design. The Bespoke Feature wall was to be the high light of the design so tammara created several sample for the designer to choose from.


What is a bespoke painted finish?

Posted by tammara mattingly on July 6, 2014 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (1)

What is a bespoke painted finish?



When designing your living, working, entertaining, spiritual & resting space the encompassing part of any room, the walls, are often overlooked with a lick of colour  or a soon to be dated wall paper. Walls can define a room’s character and that’s why at Fabulous Finishes UK we uniquely tailor each finish to suit every room perfectly.


Specialist Paint effects or faux effects are sometimes perceived as being busy and bold, even dated, but this couldn’t be further from the truth the Artisan, Decorative Artist, Specialist Decorator, Faux Finisher. Hand painted techniques are nothing if not adaptable, and with skilled Artisans application, beautifully subtle finishes can be created to enhance any room. We under take commissions to create hand painted Furniture, Gilded, Distressed and Shabby Chic furniture of hand painted furniture. A gentle patina or delicate glaze, A metallic shimmer or beautiful layers of clouded tones can lift a room and offer a depth of colour you simply don’t get with ordinary flat emulsion. 



 A specialist hand painted finishes to create a more dramatic statement, such as an accent wall, texture added through paints, textured plaster opalescent, paint effects and faux finishes. We create painted sky's, painted wood graining, marbling, murals, faux painted marble, painted ceilings, faux ceilings, painted walls, faux painted columns, cabinets and painted floors.




Decorative wall finishes are far more durable than ordinary emulsion and wallpaper. They are also fully wipeable, can eliminate wall imperfections and be easily repainted.




 The art of the hand painted finishing is traditional for home interiors that existed long before wallpaper. The hand painted faux finish will stay beautiful and ageless compared to a interior wall that has been papered. Your home will have a totally unique finish, as each painted finish is bespoke, bringing a rich artistic flair to your home or business. All walls are treated with extra hardening protective glazes  for added durability.







Metallics, Texture shimmering polished plaster walls

Posted by tammara mattingly on June 26, 2014 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)
some of my newest creations ! a cool grey polished plaster lavished with metallic shimmering sheen , fabulous light movement when used as a feature wall in a chic interior room setting. This look can be create in Bronzes, Golds,Coppers, Bespoke featurte walls for your space you dream it let me create it

Bespoke finish that longs to be gazed at with the ever changing shadows that will move with the changing light within your Interiors space . Our Fabulous metallic polished plaster can be create in all Golds, bronzes, copper etc for Bespoke feature walls, Statement entrance halls, Atmospheric Wet rooms.
Fabulous finishes create the on trend metallic wall finishes
i have built up my stone texture using specialist material then work it in to the flow and form i desired. we are going Bonkers for metallic in the Fabulous Finishes studio ! this is a bronze and copper mix that would look amazing as a back drop feature wall for a bar or club.
first board is pure metallic and second board has been aged & oxidzed
light warm grey marmarino with different waxes can change the looks quite dramaticlly

Metallics of close colour give a richness to the Italtian stuccon / polished plaster a shimmering depth when creating a bespoke decorative wall finish
we are being havent alot more request for texture plasters and Bronze  & Copper metallics stone effects.

Broinze Feature Wall finishes

Posted by tammara mattingly on June 23, 2014 at 5:55 AM Comments comments (0)

The hot new look for this summer is so Bronze metallic ! we have developed several different Bronze Finishes in both Travertino and marmarino with lashings of shimmering details.

Travertino in a beautiful rich Bronze for the texture bespoke feature wall

a smooth but textured Marmarino bronze wall with subtle gold shimmering wax

sleek to the touch but with a depth of rich softness of this marmarino antique waxed finish work well every where . The marmarino is super hard wearing bespoke designer decorative finishes which makes it perfect for commercial premises such as restaurants, bars & cafes.

Copper cadoro with oxides finish

Bronze Cadoro with oxidesed finish

Samples of Polished plasters by Fabulous Finishes

Posted by tammara mattingly on June 23, 2014 at 5:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Oh what a busy weekend i have had! i have been meaning to cut up some of my lovey larger sample board of our fabulous polished plaster finishes but like all boring jobs.... they tend to come last .